How to choose tablecloth?

How to choose tablecloth?

1), If your table is rectangle
It's very easy to choose tablecloth, you need measure your table length and width first, dropping length around 10-30cm is fine. 
Normally, tablecloth length= table length + dropping length x 2
                tablecloth width = table width + dropping width x 2
Example, after measured, your table length is 150cm, width 70cm, you want to dropping 20cm
Tablecloth length =150 + 20x2=190cm
Tablecloth length = 70 + 20x2 = 110cm
So the tablecloth length you need around 190x110cm, you can choose the near size tablecloth for your table. 

2), If your table is round
If your table is round, please measure table diameter.
Example,after measured, your table diameter is 90cm, you want to dropping 20cm
The tablecloth diamter=90 + 40cm=130cm.
So you take diameter 130cm round tablecloth is fine. 

How to choose chair cover?

We sell chair cover by single chair with 1 seat cover and 1 backrest cover.
To choose chair cover also need measure your chair seat and chair backrest size first, see above photo to measure

How to choose Table Runner?

Table runner is the same, choice table runner according to table actual length
Dining table: the best choice is table actual length + (40 to 60cm)
Tea table: the best choice is table actual length + (30-50cm)
TV bench: the best choice is TV bench actual length + (30 to 60cm)
Sho cabinet: the best choice is shoe cabinet actual length + (40 to 60cm)